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New Year, New Kitchen Worktop: 3 Styles to Embrace in 2019

The new year brings with it determined resolutions of binning the Christmas chocolates and swapping them for a sparkling new gym membership. And in a bid to get yourself ready for the start of a brand new year, why not inject some TLC into the busiest room in your house by sprucing up your kitchen ready for those clean, green recipes?

In today’s post, we’re looking at the most popular kitchen interior trends set to arise in 2019 and the worktops that complement these stunning styles. From industrial chic concrete countertops to ones that don a classy marble-effect finish, we’re exploring the best that quartz and granite worktops have to offer in the new year.

Incorporate an industrial finish 

With the rise of industrial interior in the late noughties, the concrete-chic trend has only grown in popularity since restaurateurs and designers alike defined it as a ‘must have’ style over 10 years ago. Popular for its economic benefits and individuality, this stripped back style isn’t looking to lose its momentum in 2019.

Using cement-inspired quartz worktops in your kitchen, the cool tones will perfectly contrast with your exposed brick walls without looking too harsh. Alternatively, to reduce the risk of creating a factory-esque feel in your home, opt for a grainy Colonial White granite worktop that will allow you to change the surrounding decor in your kitchen as interior trends change in years down the line.

Go for gold and copper accents 

One of the latest kitchen style trends set to last for many years to come is the inclusion of gold and copper accents in your home decor. This classy trend is easy to establish, all you’ll need to introduce it into your kitchen is a soft and solid base colour scheme and a few copper or gold details in the room.

By choosing a chic Calacatta Gold quartz worktop and dotting a copper kettle and similarly shiny toaster on top, the heart of your kitchen will stand out without looking overly decorated or extravagant. Alternatively, for larger rooms that you’re looking to make feel cosier, picking darker base shades like black or grey granite worktops and combining them with gold appliances and warm light fixtures will allow your kitchen area to feel intimate while still looking on-trend. 

Keep it timeless with marble 

A strong trend contender in 2018, in 2019 marble and marble-effect worktops will continue to remain as popular as ever. Whether you choose to turn your whole kitchen into a marble palace or prefer to highlight your room’s core with a stylish marble surface, there are a variety of ways you can incorporate this latest interior trend into your family home.

For a sleek design, including an ice white quartz marble-effect surface will inject a light and bright piece of luxury into your home. Or, for a slightly more rustic look, why not consider granite kitchen worktops that endorse ‘foresty flecks’ in a jet black shade with beautiful marble elements? Not only do both of these boast elegance, but due to their strong wearing material, will last through years of interior style changes. 

Whether you’re after a glistening quartz finish or a rustic and well-loved granite design, our range of worktop materials are fit to suit a whole range of tastes – no matter what the latest interior trend is. If you’re looking to give new life to your tired kitchen explore our vast range of granite worktops today or get in touch with one of our experts on 01132 520854 – we look forward to speaking to you soon!

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