Commercial Uses for Granite and Quartz Worktops

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While perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when utilising granite or quartz is kitchen worktops, the properties of the two materials make them perfect for use in a range of commercial sectors. After all, commercial environments are likely to experience high levels of traffic, so the materials used in these areas need to be both hard-wearing and good quality.

That’s why, in today’s post, we’ll be outlining the commercial uses for granite and quartz when designing a commercial property. From hotel receptions to bar tops and everything in between, we’ll explain why granite and quartz are both great options when fitting out a commercial premises.



Quartz is one of the hardest and most durable building materials, making it perfect for areas which are likely to receive high levels of traffic. One of the biggest selling points of quartz worktops is that, unlike granite, they don’t require resealing while still maintaining a beautiful finish for many years to come. They’re also non-porous and very resistant to cracks and stains, meaning they’re typically low-maintenance when it comes to day-to-day care.

So, in busy commercial environments where time isn’t often on your side, the easy-clean appeal of quartz proves very popular. For example, quartz can be cleaned with a simple wipe of a cloth using mild soapy water, which makes its upkeep very simple for all manner of staff who may be in a hurry.



Similar to quartz, granite is also very resilient. Tougher than most standard work surface materials, granite is incredibly durable in the face of general wear and tear – withstanding scratches and natural damage from regular use in environments such as kitchens. Not only that, granite also offers an extravagant finish to provide luxurious aesthetic to any space.

Unlike quartz, granite has a high heat resistance, which makes a granite worktop ideal for use in commercial kitchens or as bar-tops where food could be served. When exposed to hot pans or plates, granite will not be damaged – making this material a practical choice for fast-paced restaurant and catering environments. When sealed effectively, you won’t need to worry about stains or liquid absorption either, which makes granite worktops a worthwhile long-term investment for many sectors.


Which is best?

When it comes to designing a commercial environment, it’s essential to consider the properties of quartz and granite individually to make the best choice for your interior according to its uses.

When looking to kit out your hotel reception, for example, the entrance area should ooze luxury as the first place that the guest experiences upon arrival. So when considering your surface materials for things such as reception desks, quartz would be the best option – with it’s low maintenance qualities being an extra bonus for very busy hospitality spaces.

However, when it comes to areas such as kitchen spaces, opt for granite tops for a durable surface which won’t compromise on quality or be subject to any damage from heat exposure. Although granite can come hand-in-hand with a large initial investment, when sealed correctly, it’s durable heat-resistant surfaces make it a sustainable option that promises longevity.

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When choosing a granite or quartz worktop for your commercial premises, making the right decision is all about evaluating your uses alongside the properties of each material. To discuss which granite or quartz worktop is right for you, why not get in touch to receive some advice from the industry experts who will help you make the right choice according to your needs? Alternatively, if you’ve already found the granite or quartz that meets your commercial needs, request a custom quote from the Burlington Granite team today!

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