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Granite vs Quartz Worktops: Which Is Better For Your Kitchen?

Granite and quartz worktops are quite literally two rock-solid options for a kitchen renovation. It can be a hard choice to choose between these two durable surfaces, so we’ve used our expertise to help you. In this post, we’ll run through some key aspects that differ between these two types of kitchen surface and what kind of home they suit best.



The first thing to note is that granite worktops come in more natural hues, in comparison to quartz, which can be any colour you wish. This is due to the way it is manufactured, by combining crushed quartz with synthetic resins and dyes to create a hard-wearing, smooth worktop in any colour you like. This makes quartz the ideal option if you’re looking for an outlandish, statement kitchen design in a unique colour.

Granite worktops are manufactured in a simple process that has not changed for hundreds of years, involving the polishing and cutting of raw granite stone from a quarry. This gives it a unique look, important if you are looking for a natural aesthetic in your kitchen, albeit limited in terms of colour choices.



You can be assured of quality and durability with any worktop purchased here at Burlington Granite, but there are subtle differences between granite and quartz worktops in terms of how well they stand up to the knocks and scrapes that occur in any hard-working kitchen. They are both very tough materials, with one key difference – how they stand up to water.

Being the more natural stone out of the two, granite is also porous – the kind of stone that mineral water filters through over thousands of years. This means that any water standing on the surface should be wiped away as quickly as possible. Due to the man-made processes involved in its production, Quartz is non-porous – yet we always recommend getting rid of stains and wet patches just to keep your work surface in top condition.



Quartz worktops, in particular, can be styled in a huge number of ways, but the main and most striking difference from granite is that it is possible to purchase quartz worktops that have flecks of mirror detailing. This can look dazzling under some high powered lights, and it is a style unique to quartz.

Granite looks its best when polished, giving your kitchen the premium look that can only come with a worktop made of ancient stone. 

We can only influence you to a certain extent, as everyone has their own style. Over the years we’ve seen some brilliantly creative kitchen ideas come to fruition, so if you’ve got a dream kitchen in mind that utilises either granite or quartz, then why not get in touch or request a free custom quote today?

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