When it comes to choosing the right worktop material for functional areas of the home like kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms, ceramic countertops are a solid choice. Ceramic itself has been a trusted material for centuries for pottery, tiles and more, but in recent years new manufacturing processes have made it a popular choice for countertops throughout the home, too.

As worktop specialists, at Burlington Granite we bring you a diverse range of premium-quality ceramic worktops from leading brands such as Dekton and Neolith. This means they’re sure to deliver a highly durable, long-lasting and effortlessly stylish finish wherever you choose to install them.

What are ceramic worktops made from?

Before diving into our extensive collection of ceramic worktops, we thought it best to explain exactly what they’re made of and what makes ceramic such a suitable solution for kitchen countertops and more.

Also referred to as sintered stone or sintered quartz, the ceramic material used in worktops is not to be confused with that you may find in ceramic tiles. The process for making ceramic used in worktops fuses together different mineral components from quartz, glass and silica, as well as oxides that create the different colours.

Using sintering technology (hence the name), these compounds are fused together at temperatures that exceed 1200°C under pressures over 25,000 tonnes. The end result is a monolithic ceramic slab that’s incredibly strong and hard-wearing.

Why choose ceramic countertops?

Investing in the interior design of your home is a fantastic way to not just improve the quality of your day-to-day living, but also add value to your property. That’s why when you’re considering which material is right for you, ceramic worktops boast a raft of benefits that include:

Excellent resistance to heat: composed of strong, heat-resistance minerals, ceramic countertops can withstand direct contact with hot pans without the risk of surface damage.

Water repelling properties: having been fused together at high temperatures and pressures, this material is incredibly dense, delivering low water absorption levels and making it ideal for worktops and sinks in wet areas.

Outstanding hardiness: the hardness of the material also ensures ceramic worktops won’t scratch or stain over time, even with exposure to acidic liquids. This provides a hygienic solution where you can prepare food directly on the surface without the need for additional sealing treatments.

Unparalleled durability: the strength and resilience of this natural material also offers exceptional longevity, meaning your ceramic countertops are fully-equipped to withstand daily wear and tear for years without showing signs of aging.

Sustainability: thanks to its durability and composition that uses natural materials, ceramic worktops are an ideal choice if you’re looking for an eco-friendly material to furnish your home.

Hassle-free maintenance: ceramic worktops are easy to care for and don’t require any periodic sealing to keep them in pristine condition. All you need is a soft cloth, warm water and some standard cleaning solutions to wipe them down and they’ll look as good as the day you installed them.

Incredible versatility: from contemporary to classic, ceramic offers a huge variety of colours and finishes for worktops. This versatility means you’re sure to find just the right style to suit your taste and budget.

Ceramic colours and finishes galore

One of the main attractions of installing ceramic countertops is the absolute abundance of colour and finish variations they bring. With ranges from leading brands Dekton and Neolith, you’ll be spoilt for choice to find just the right shade and design to complement your home interiors.

Create a dramatic impact with dark, black worktops like the Nero from Neolith. Whether you pair it with bright white kitchen cabinets for striking contrasts or a matt black bathroom vanity unit, this stunning material is guaranteed to make an impact.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find a whole host of lighter options available if that’s more in keeping with your taste. From crisp Arctic White for a clean and contemporary feel to marble-esque Opera with attractive grey veins running through for a more traditional touch, we have options galore.

Of course, black and white ceramic worktops aren’t the only options. Take your pick of soft, neutral hues that span from pale grey with mottled detailing that mimics quartz to dark grey and brown finishes that replicate the look of volcanic stone. Whether you’re looking to give your kitchen an industrial-inspired edge or a sleek and sophisticated vibe, with so many colours and finishes on offer, the only limit will be your imagination.

How much do ceramic worktops cost?

With any home interior installation, cost is always an important consideration. Here at Burlington Granite, we aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to calculating the price of your ceramic worktop.

As bespoke worktop providers, we don’t offer an ‘off-the-shelf’ price, but our online quote service will ensure you have all the key information you need as quickly as possible.

Getting your custom quote is easy. Simply fill out the online quote request form with your worktop measurements, any extra specifications such as drainer grooves, splashbacks or trims, along with your contact details and we’ll do the rest. Our team will then send you a bespoke quotation with all the essential details you need on price and installation right from the start.

Of course, if you have any questions about our quotation process or you’d like to discuss your quote in more detail with one of our worktop specialists, we’re always happy to help – give us a call on 01132 520854.

More than just worktops

While ceramic is a popular choice for countertops, it’s not the only way it can be used in modern homes. From thin splashback slabs to tabletops, stair treads and more, this versatile building material can be cut and shaped to suit a wide range of features.

If you have grand ideas on other ways you’d like to use ceramic in your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of highly skilled craftsmen, who are accredited members of The Guild of Master Craftsman.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our diverse range of ceramic worktops online today to find the ideal solution for your home.

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