At Burlington Granite, we’re natural stone specialists. That’s why our wide range of grey worktops includes a hand-picked selection of quartz and granite, ensuring style and practicality across the board.

Shop our full range below to find your beautiful new grey stone worktop, whatever your interior tastes. And since you’re shopping with Burlington Granite, you can rest assured that quality and affordability are always guaranteed.

Adaptable style

Grey kitchen worktops effortlessly complement a range of interior styles. So, whether you choose a grey gloss worktop or a more muted design, you’ll be able to pull off design themes galore, including:

Industrial – this firm favourite of the interior design world draws inspiration from urban styles. Introduce grey worktops to best complement exposed brick and wood and reinforce your neutral colour palette in the kitchen, bathroom and beyond

Transitional – the natural aesthetic of grey quartz and grey granite countertops makes these surfaces an ideal option for transitional interiors. Look to blend the lines between outdoors and indoors by embracing the earthy colour scheme of a grey stone worktop in your living space

Rustic – similar to transitional interiors, a rustic approach is all about drawing natural inspiration. Raw elements like wood and stone are championed here – what better way to really capture this theme than with, well, natural grey stone?

Proven practicality

Regardless of whether you opt for a grey gloss kitchen worktop or a more understated matte finish, you can count on the highest level of practicality. All of our grey worktops boast practical properties including:

Durability – both granite and quartz worktops are renowned for their toughness. Whether it’s hot plates on your kitchen worktop or splashes and spills on your bathroom surfaces, our worktops will withstand what’s thrown their way

Minimal maintenance – thanks to their durability, maintaining our grey worktops is easy. To keep them glistening for longer, all it takes is a regular wipe down with some soap and water – it’s as easy as that

Browse our complete range of grey worktops below to find your next kitchen and bathroom surface solution. If you’d like a closer look at any of the worktops in this range, why not order a free sample today?

If you’re ready to buy, you can request a free custom quote by filling out our simple online form.

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Aspen graphito shimmer

£378.00 per m2

Aspen Grey shimmer

£378.00 per m2


£399.00 per m2


£358.80 per m2

Italian concreto

£434.00 per m2

Unique Pietra

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White atlas

£399.00 per m2


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£434.40 per m2

Pietra Grey

£434.40 per m2

Cosmos Grigio Mirror

£312.00 per m2


£326.40 per m2


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Basalt Grey

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