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Desert Silver

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Made using Silestone's N-BOOST technology, Desert Silver quartz is extremely easy to clean and maintain due to its boosted technical properties, which also ensure an outstanding shine on its surface when hit by light.

Designed to look like the popular Greek Silver Grey marble, this quartz has a delicate light grey base colour with frosty vein details scattered throughout its surface - allowing this neutral-coloured stone to complement a variety of interior design themes and furnishings. Made from approximately 95% pure, natural quartz, this stone is non-porous, anti-bacterial and incredibly resistant to scratches and stains - delivering a practical, low-maintenance surface you can rely on when you buy worktops with Burlington Granite.

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Worktop Measurements

Measure the length (mm) & width (mm) of each of the worktop pieces that you require and place them into the boxes to the right. Please include all pieces such as free standing pieces like islands. The price quoted for each individual piece includes everything it needs, for instance standard edge polishing as well as a number of shapes such as round corners, bevels all available!

Total Area = 0 Sq-m

Unmounted Sink cutout(s) - inner edge (polished)

The required number of cut-outs for your hob(s) or sinks that you will need.

Hob Cutout or Sink Cutout (unpolished)

The required number of cut-outs for your hob(s) or sinks that you will need.

Pop Up Socket

The required number of Pop Up Socket for your hob(s) or sinks that you will need.

Tap Holes

These are the cut-outs for taps and switch holes, pop up socket , waste disposal.

Drainage Groove Set(s) (1 Set includes between 4 to 7 Grooves)

Set of inclined drainage grooves, price includes as many as necessary to fit the sink. Available in a curve if needed.

Upstands Normally 100mm or to suit

Upstands can be commonly used instead of tiling walls. Take measurements of the total length of upstands that you require (mm).

Splashback pieces

Measure the length (mm) and width (mm) of each splashback piece that you require and input them into the boxes. Quote based on 20mm thickness granite

Total Area = 0 Sq-m

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