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The 21st-Century Kitchen: Optimising for Efficiency

Optimising your kitchen for efficiency and style is what kitchen design is all about in the 21st century. From installing top-of-the-range appliances that allow you to be efficient in both eco-friendly performance and kitchen speed to having only the best technologies to show off when you have visitors, there are so many reasons to make sure your kitchen is up to standard.

Install a hot water tap 

A hot water tap can act as a highly practical tool in the kitchen as it allows you to declutter the kitchen and simplify cooking, making it stylish while providing you with an extremely efficient product. 

A hot water top does the obvious – providing you with instant hot water. This not only speeds up processes, but also means there is no need to have the kettle out on show 24/7, minimising the appearance of unattractive cables on the worktop. A hot water tap is also an eco-friendly option, as it only heats up the amount of water needed. This, of course, saves you money by not using unnecessary energy.

Invest in energy-efficient appliances 

Highly-efficient energy appliances are a common feature in a 21st-century kitchen and can often bring an element of luxury to the room due to the advanced technologies the appliances use. 

Smart technologies go hand in hand with energy-efficient and stylish modern kitchens. So why not start by thinking about buying a smart fridge? They tend to feature a built-in camera that provides you with an image of the contents of your fridge without having to regularly open and close it, which reduces the amount of wasted energy you’ll use by opening it. Additionally, a smart oven is always a good appliance to invest in. It allows you to speed up the cooking process while saving on the amount of energy used as it distributes heat within the oven to where it’s needed. 

You will often find with smart appliances that they can be controlled by the tap of a mobile, meaning if you’re having a dinner party that evening and want the oven hot in time for you getting home, you can do so remotely. 

Set up locations 

An efficient 21st-century kitchen is all about optimising it for speed, while ensuring it’s still stylish. If you’ve invested in the smart appliances we’ve mentioned above, or similar ones, then why not take it a little step further to maximise on efficiency? To go for maximum organisational efficiency, location is key. 

It is thought that designing your kitchen in the shape of a triangle allows for the best performance. The fridge, oven or stove and sink should each be a corner of the triangle, with all the important and most used items within the triangle, meaning you can move quickly between all areas of the kitchen. You may not be able to change the layout of your kitchen to fit a triangle shape, but if you can keep your storage areas in time-saving locations, you’ve done the job right. 

Put favourites at the front 

We all have our go-to ingredients that are used far more than anything else when we’re cooking, similarly, we have favourite pans, knives or general utensils to aid in the cooking process. The most frequently used items should be at the front of your cupboards within arm’s reach, with the items that are used on a less regular basis moved towards the back. 

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