The Finishing Touch: Styling Your Kitchen Worktops

A kitchen worktop is the blank canvas of your kitchen, space where you can create whatever culinary delight you can possibly think of. You need it to be clear, clean, and impeccably styled, so your creativity can take flight. Below, we’ve listed a few of our top tips that’ll enable your kitchen to be as stylish as possible. 


Dark shades can dazzle

A black granite worktop can dazzle when free of clutter, especially under some high-powered kitchen lights. Premium stone choices such as our Cosmos Marrone Mirror quartz options come into their own when wiped clean of cooking detritus, with a beautiful shine. This is a great option for those who are looking to combine practicality with a beautiful high-end kitchen.


Timeless works best

Can you imagine investing your hard earned cash into a new kitchen, only for it to be ‘outdated’ just a year later? A timeless style avoids this whole situation, and besides, what could be better than a granite worktop as a solid foundation for the rest of your kitchen? We’re obviously slightly biased in this regard, but the longevity of this type of stone speaks for itself.

Other timeless features that you can easily include range from classic white cabinets to ubiquitous chrome taps, so a combination of these will ensure your kitchen is never off trend. Of course, pushing the envelope with regards to style isn’t completely off limits, so don’t feel like you should definitely opt for a tried-and-tested style.


Get organised

Having a beautiful stone kitchen worktop is all well and good, but if the surface is constantly cluttered with all manner of kitchen paraphernalia, mixing bowls and stacked washing up, then it’s not serving its full purpose. 

Luckily, there are plenty of kitchen hacks that will allow your worktop styles to really shine. Using a magnetic spice rack saves cupboard space as well as keeping your worktops clear – while you can keep clutter at bay by tucking away appliances until you need them.

Repurposing an old tablet as a means to store recipes digitally is another clever hack that might help you rid your kitchen of paper clutter – leaving your worktop to shine uninhibited by any mess.


Invest in Mason jars

After a few years in the same kitchen, things start to mount up, especially in the pantry area. Old containers full of stale herbs and hardened spices and forgotten bags of pasta can all combine to clutter up what should be an accessible, easy-to-organise area. 

If you lead a fast-paced lifestyle and have little time to clean, then this could end up being a real problem and will end up obscuring your stone worktop.

Luckily, a trend that shows no sign of disappearing can solve this: Mason jars. Available in a wide range of sizes, these jars can be used to store spices, lentils and pasta, giving your kitchen a naturally organised look with no packaging contributing to the ‘visual noise’ of the space, an ideal complement to a granite worktop.

Armed with these top tips, you’ll soon have stacks of ideas for styling your kitchen worktops and turning your culinary area into a functional, fashionable space for the whole family to enjoy.

For further inspiration, why not take the time to browse our full selection of granite and quartz worktops and, if one tickles your fancy, order a free custom quote? With Burlington Granite, worktop bliss is only a click away.

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