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Timeless Interior Styles: Part 1 – Monochrome

Today’s post marks the first of our ‘Timeless Interior Styles’ series here on the Burlington Granite blog, where we’ll be taking a glimpse at those classic interior styles that have stood the test of time.

We’re kicking things off with monochrome, a simple but enduring palette that has been a favourite amongst professional interior designers and homeowners alike for decades. Today, we’ll be looking at how you can apply this striking interior scheme to create a black and white kitchen that seamlessly complements a variety of interior styles, ensuring a flawless aesthetic all the while.

Simplicity is key

The contrast between black and white creates a naturally bold colour scheme that does most of the talking on its own. Subsequently, taking a minimalist approach to a simple kitchen design works effectively here as a bold statement look.

Less really can mean more when it comes to utilising a monochrome palette, contributing to a sophisticated style that projects a luxurious interior vibe. Further this by ensuring your kitchen remains de-cluttered at all times, especially if you’re working with a small kitchen design, and complementing the interior with the addition of luxe materials.

Materials such as granite are a great way of achieving the impression of luxury in a kitchen, so consider the addition of a white granite worktop like our Kashmir White as the perfect reinforcement to a monochrome scheme. Not only can this popular worktop be seamlessly incorporated into any black and white kitchen, but as a uniquely high graded quality of ‘granulite’, it will additionally reinforce that feeling of luxury achieved by your bold minimalist approach.

Consider geometry

Due to their sharp contrast, black and white emphasise the geometric qualities of a room, so be sure to consider strong geometric patterns, lines and textures within your kitchen.

Focus on achieving symmetry through simple kitchen design to create a smooth overall interior, avoiding any large scale colour blocking to ensure an even colour distribution. In contrast, look to juxtapose textures to emphasise the sharpness of surfaces against the monochrome backdrop – glossy finishes such as that found on our Star Galaxy black granite worktop achieve this effectively.

What looks can monochrome achieve?

Monochrome is a timeless interior style for a reason. This basic, bold scheme lends itself harmoniously to both traditional and modern kitchen design, so adapt your use of the colour palette depending on your overall aesthetic goal.

For those going for a more traditional kitchen style, look to utilise wood flooring to warm up a monochrome scheme that’s been established through the addition of black kitchen appliances and wall tiling – contrasting with a white granite worktop for a classic, homely kitchen feel.

Alternatively, monochrome can be adapted to style a more modern kitchen design. As we’ve mentioned previously, monochrome and boldness go hand in hand, so don’t be shy if daring for a more contemporary approach. Turn to the sleek aesthetic of black granite worktops and contrast against crisp whitewashed walls for an ultra-modern style that oozes sophistication.

Timelessly stylish and effortlessly versatile, monochrome is an effective kitchen interior approach that will remain in trend indefinitely. As such, why not get in touch here and see how we can help you achieve a black and white kitchen design today?

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