4 Signs Your Kitchen Is In Need of a Refresh

kitchen shelves and white cupboards

As the heart of the home, your kitchen should be a functional and welcoming space that you want to spend your time in (even if your cooking isn’t up to The Great British Bake Off’s standards). However, all too often, we put up with more than our fair share of dysfunctional kitchens simply because embarking on a kitchen renovation project is not for the fainthearted. They’re usually disruptive to your daily life, expensive and take a whole lot of planning and consideration to get the design just right.

However, there comes a point where putting up with the lack of kitchen countertop space (and overflowing drawers that never just glide open like they’re supposed to) becomes too much to bear – spelling out the obvious: you need a new kitchen. If you’re finding yourself facing this dilemma, this blog post is just the thing you need to take control of the situation, as we look at some of the tell-tale signs your kitchen is in dire need of a refresh.


  1. Sticky drawers

No, we’re not talking about little jammy fingerprints here (although these don’t make for the most pleasant greeting when you go to grab a teaspoon), but rather those pesky drawers that don’t open or shut properly.

This could be because they’re overflowing with utensils and get jammed every time you try to open them, or perhaps the runners have exceeded their lifetime – either way, problem drawers are a classic day-to-day annoyance, and now could be the time to fix, declutter or replace!


  1. Weary worktops

Worktops are subject to their fair share of wear and tear and this inevitably takes its toll over the years, leaving you with kitchen worktops that look tired and worn. If you find yourself sighing every time you’re chopping those carrots and day-dreaming of some sleek, grey granite worktops instead, it’s probably an indication that your existing ones have had their time.

As an integral part of your overall kitchen aesthetic, the state of your kitchen countertops could give you all the evidence you need to make the change. Even if you don’t have the budget to renovate your entire kitchen, simply swapping out old worktops for new ones can make a big difference. For long-lasting solutions, buy kitchen worktops in dark granite that will never go out of style – or brighten up the space with quartz worktops in lighter colours. How you style yours is entirely up to you.


  1. Impractical layout

Kitchen layout is key to optimising its functionality and even the most modestly sized kitchens can be primed for practical use. However, if you and your family constantly find yourselves tripping over each other when there’s more than one of you in the kitchen or dashing around the room trying to get your hands on just the right kitchen gadget or ingredient in the midst of cooking a family dinner, it suggests your layout is weighing you down.

In addition, there are some features that could actually be dangerous, whether it’s an outdated island cooking station that could cause an accident if someone catches a pan handle walking past or a non-essential step that has everyone tripping up. With this in mind, take a step back and assess your kitchen layout and whether it’s time to redesign the space from scratch to create a more practical and convenient cooking space.


  1. Lack of storage space

If you constantly find yourself having to rearrange your kitchen equipment to find a postage-stamp-sized area of worktop to carry out dinner prep, or you’re having to empty an entire cupboard to find the one thing you need that’s right at the back, this would imply you need some better storage solutions – or a revamp of your kitchen.

Ample kitchen storage space is another essential feature for achieving a function-first space that’s primed for food prep and socialising. Yes, a ruthless declutter can help to solve some of the issues with overstocked cupboards, but, in many cases, it’s likely the backlog will build back up over time. The other alternative is taking the plunge to address the problem head-on and invest in some more effective storage. With numerous clever kitchen storage solutions now readily available at reasonable prices, you can find plenty of novel ways to ensure every item has an easily accessible place – and this will make cleaning much easier, too.

While making the decision to give your kitchen a fresh new look isn’t a minor one, we hope this post has given you the inspiration you need to start making some changes to deliver a more practical, stylish and enjoyable kitchen.

To find out how the addition of a granite or quartz worktop could transform your tired kitchen into a timeless style haven, why not get in touch with our kitchen countertop experts today? We’ll talk you through your various material options and the associated prices, ensuring you find just the right option to suit your style and needs – giving your kitchen the refresh it deserves.

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