Christmas Party: 3 Ways To Prep Your Kitchen For The Festive Celebrations

Christmas biscuit baking in kitchen

As the eleventh month draws to a close, German markets are popping up in towns and city centres all over the country, while high street retailers are releasing their annual signature adverts. This can only mean one thing – Christmas is coming. 25th December brings with it four weeks of gatherings, catching up with your cousins-twice-removed and festive drinks, meaning that the kitchen soon becomes the epicentre of family festivities.

Whether it’s your neighbour popping in with chocolates in exchange for a cup of tea or your entire family coming round, their bellies empty, waiting for their Christmas dinner – in this blog post, we’re exploring the top 3 ways you can prepare your kitchen for the festivities this season.


Boost your storage capacity

A useful way to help you declutter your space in time for the festivities is by boosting your storage capacity to allow you to hide away things usually on display.

Tall storage and wall-mounted kitchen cabinets make a great solution for optimising storage space in smaller kitchen areas and can be used to store extra plates and bowls needed for large family gatherings.

With a month to go, you’ll undoubtedly be tempted by sweet treats ready to litter all over available side tables, coffee tables and kitchen worktops. To ensure you have room to store them before the countdown begins, it might be a good idea to invest in a unit or clear out some cupboard space ahead of the all-important Christmas supermarket shop.

Having plenty of storage space will significantly reduce the need to go back and forth to the shop throughout the Christmas period – allowing you to focus on the more important things, such as enjoying a mug of Baileys hot chocolate with a homemade mince pie.


Ensure you accommodate for everyone’s needs

Arguably one of the most stressful things about the Christmas period is attempting to host the busy family gathering on Christmas day. From trying to squeeze a highchair for your niece in between mum and dad to ensuring your uncle’s dog is kept away from the turkey, it’s important to plan ahead to ensure you’re properly equipped to suit everyone’s individual demands.

Firstly, stock your cupboards with enough glassware and crockery to accommodate all adults – ensuring you have melamine plates and cutlery suitable for children to use should they need to. Make sure you also have tea cups and a tea pot at the ready to serve all those unexpected visitors who want to drop by in the days leading up to Christmas.


Create surface space

Clutter is the Christmas kitchen’s enemy. Messy surfaces will constrain both your cooking and hosting abilities – as such, keep countertops clear and clean to ensure that the added stress of rooting through table decorations while looking for the stuffing mix doesn’t spoil your festive spirit. For added ease, ensure your worktops are made from granite – boasting a range of hygienic, easy-clean qualities, maintenance will be that much simpler no matter if you’re dealing with a simple spill or post-Christmas dinner carnage.

For those of you with a kitchen island, utilise the surface effectively by creating a self-service space for all those tempting treats and snacks, served on a food display stand or cupcake stand for easy visibility and reach. If you don’t have a kitchen island, you can still utilise what you’ve got effectively by displaying treats on vertical units that won’t impose on your food preparations.

While your kitchen countertops are likely to easily sustain the array of hot pots, pans and spillages that Christmas brings with it, it’s crucial you take care of granite worktops to maintain their gleam and durability for many Christmases to come. After this, and following the above points, it’s time for you to sit back, pop the turkey in the oven and put your feet up…until the timer dings and doorbell rings!

For more information about how granite worktops can help transform your kitchen space, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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