Built to Last: 3 Tips for Preserving Your Granite Worktops

Wiping down kitchen worktop

So, you’ve finally installed your dream kitchen countertops, revitalising your interior with the opulent shine of high-end granite – but how do you keep your new worktops looking this good day in, day out, year after year?

Well, today, we’re answering exactly that – offering up our top tips on how to properly take care of granite worktops to preserve that fresh new aesthetic, ensuring your kitchen interior remains looking its best all year round as a result.


Seal your stone 

Sealing is a sure-fire way to protect the longevity of your granite kitchen worktops. In this process, a protective sealant is applied directly to the stone and absorbed into the pores, protecting the granite from external substances and liquids.

Your kitchen countertops will most likely be sealed before installation, but this sealant can begin to break down as soon as your worktops become subject to regular use. As such, we’d recommend reapplying a sealant solution every three or months or so, depending on how much cooking you do in your kitchen.

To do this, first consider the type of sealer you need to use. While silicon-based sealers are a popular option, these fail notoriously quickly compared with available alternatives – this is due to the molecules in silicon-based sealers being too large to penetrate the surface pores of granite, instead acting purely as a surface coating as a result. Instead, look to use an impregnating stone sealer – these are favoured by professional stone contractors as they soak far deeper into the stone than standard alternatives.

To apply a sealant, first clean your kitchen countertops with a neutral stone cleaner and allow them to dry naturally – then apply your sealer using a lint-free cloth, ensuring the surface is wet but not soaked. Reapply a second coating after 10 minutes, allowing 24 hours for the sealant to properly soak in before returning to normal use of your worktops – it’s as simple as that.


Perform daily maintenance 

Granite worktops are renowned for their durability, but, to keep them looking their best and serving their intended purpose, we recommend getting into the habit of performing daily upkeep. This isn’t to say your granite kitchen worktops will be high-maintenance – on the contrary, daily care is quick and easy.

Establishing a hassle-free daily cleaning routine will ensure your surfaces remain resistant to bacteria, stains and spills, serving as a highly durable, hygienic and practical kitchen worktop solution. The required daily routine is effortless – simply mix water with a few drops of neutral dish soap in a spray bottle, then spray directly onto the surface. From there, just wipe down the stone with a clean, soft sponge or cloth to avoid scratching from more abrasive materials. For more information on how to clean granite worktops, visit this page.


Know what to avoid  

Perhaps one of the most important parts of knowing how to take care of granite worktops is knowing the cardinal sins – the must-avoids that have the potential to ruin the practicality and aesthetics of your surfaces. As easy as it is to care for your granite worktops, it’s also easy to damage them without the correct know-how, so be sure to avoid the following at all costs:

  • Exposure to hot pots and pans – granite boasts great levels of resistance to heat, but this doesn’t mean you can be careless about exposing the surface to heat. Err on the side of caution, avoiding placing hot pots and pans directly onto your worktop to ensure no scratching or marking, however minimal it may be
  • Sitting on your worktop – in the busy, social kitchen of today, it’s not uncommon for someone to take a seat atop the kitchen countertops. However, heavy pressure has the ability to crack granite, while zips and buttons from jeans and trousers can easily scratch the stone’s surface. As such, we recommend just pulling up an extra chair instead!
  • Placing decorative items on the surface – placing decorative items such as vases and bowls directly on top of your kitchen countertops has the potential to scratch the surface, especially without a mat or coaster beneath. As such, we recommend avoiding this wherever possible (or at least going to the appropriate lengths to prevent the possibility of scratching) – after all, the stunning aesthetics of the granite will no doubt speak for themselves
  • Cutting – cutting directly on your granite kitchen worktops is a big no-no as it can cause extensive damage to your worktop and knives alike. Not only that, but, by cutting meat directly on the surface, you’re also increasing the likelihood of the stone’s pores soaking up bacteria. With this in mind, it’s best to always use a cutting board for your food prep.

With just a little bit of TLC, your granite worktops will stay looking their best for years to come. So, if you’re ready to bring the opulence and practicality of granite into your kitchen, why not get a free quote from Burlington Granite today?

Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more about granite worktop care or you have a query about any of our products, get in touch with our team today.

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